Department of Dentistry

Department Introduction

The Department of Dentistry at Yuan’s General Hospital provides total family dental care. From instructing children in preventative toothcare and tooth brushing, flossing, and healthy gum maintenance to safe, mercury-free filling of dental caries, root canals, tooth removal, evaluation of bracing needs, as well as the entire spectrum of cosmetic dentistry from implants to crowns, we have your entire family dental needs covered.

Our implant packages are competitively priced and provide implants and crown systems that last for decades.

Yuan’s General also treats special needs patients with systemic disorders and developmental disabilities that require special care within a hospital setting. At Yuan General, our mission is to provide the utmost in patient-oriented, comprehensive care while offering the most recent methods in clinical services and dentistry and consistently contributing to educating residents and future students who will become leaders in the field of dentistry and oral surgery.